Experience Japanese culture
across the street from Tokyo Tower!

There are many ways to enjoy Japan’s rich traditional culture, whether it is tea ceremony, kimono, origami, or sushi.
Come experience the heart of Japan!

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Sushi Making & Lunch
Have fun making sushi by yourself like a sushi chef and enjoy your handmade meal.

Japanese Tea Tasting
Enjoy various kinds of green tea with the premium "Gyokuro Green Tea", learning about the depth of Japanese tea.

Japanese Sake Tasting
Great chance to taste five kinds of Japanese sake at once with sake sommelier. Enjoy with Japanese finger food.

Master the traditional Japanese folk art of transforming a piece of paper into 3D objects and animals.

Experience Japanese culture dynamically by writing in Japanese with brushes and ink like a calligrapher.

Tea Ceremony
Enjoy one of the most complexed but beautiful way of drinking traditional Japanese tea with English speaking tea master.

Kimono / Yukata
Wear a beautiful kimono/ yukata and take pictures of your geisha/samurai cosplay in front of a golden folding screen.

Rental Cycle
Feel the wind while cycling through attractive sites in the heart of Tokyo.

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3-5-8 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo