We make every effort to make your program a success whether it is a meeting, an incentive program, a conference, or an exhibition/event. We promise to keep on offering our best solutions to our clients’ objectives and variety of requirements from just a few people to large groups. Our characteristic on-demand adaptability and flexibility do not exist by themselves.  We meet clients ’objectives and requirements to make our service and good value felt by you. From holding gala dinner at an Unesco site, Award dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, unique team building activities and so on. We are always opened to any request from our clients.

How about working together with us to develop and execute innovative programs?

Then epoch-making and previously never-existing programs will be born.


True Japan Tour’s special program for MICE


Incentive tours, conferences, exhibitions, meetings… from small societies to big corporations no matter how large the group or how complex the program you need is. True Japan Tour provides impressive MICE programs like no one in Japan can, with the essence of our culture, because we are rooted in a Japanese cultural association, not only special events management but we can also add the value of worldwide unique cultural activities and experiences to your program.


Starting from accommodation arrangements at the top luxury Hotels in Tokyo, stylish facilities and excellent gastronomic experiences… True Japan Tour is delighted to also provide the following DMC services to our MICE customers:


Sumo training is famous for being one of the hardest in the world of sports, reaching limits the body can barely endure only the stronger spirits in sturdy bodies can survive the challenge. In Sumo competition not always the bigger wins, technique and ability are necessary to defeat an adversary who often has the strength and the weight of several ordinary man and even moves fast as a cat.

Starting early in the morning, wearing barely nothing even during the Japanese freezing winter, sumo training keeps the path of “budo” martial arts and ancient traditional Japanese customs. The Shinto religion is deeply rooted and the members of the sumo stable “sumo-beya” not only compete but eat and live together in a strict hierarchy of rules displayed also in the training.

True Japan Tour extends its services to customized programs, being able to book large groups and access to personalized and unique experiences like having the famous Sumo “Chankodan” the huge yummy stew the Sumo wrestlers share after a hard training journey.


Step inside the hidden society which lasts since the Samurai period…. Enjoy the experience of being dressed like a real ninja and using amazing weapons. Learn skills and secrets by masters with roots in long generations of ninja families… starting from the ceremonial greetings to throwing shurikens or blowing arrows and other ancient mortal techniques… what you learn here must not be used for evil!


And of course nothing like the most awesome group picture to make the moment unforgettable.


Welcome to the Japanese sense of beauty, the most exquisite hospitality and the Zen relaxation. In the Tea Ceremony consideration for others and the kindness of the ritual has a soothing effect in human social relations and applications into the business world.


Attending a tea ceremony is an enjoyable way of getting inside the Japanese culture roots. The exquisite ceremony is closely connected to the Buddhism, still remains intact since the 16th century, and is all about peaceful mind. The Japanese art, scrolls, flower arrangement, refined tea utensils, even the breeze and sunshine harmonize in the tea room. A lifetime experience anybody can enjoy.


Being able to fulfill our customer requirements for the perfect scenario, True Japan Tour customize the programs to book large groups even in famous temples and the most charming facilities.


Enjoy making yourself and eating the world famous exquisite delicatessen. From the Edo period fundamentals to the most modern and casual rolls, guided by a shushi Master chef you can learn how to create amazing appetizers of great use in parties and reunions.


Nowhere shushi tastes like in Japan, being in the island surrounded by the richest seas, gives you the unique chance to use the best fresh ingredients and learn which ones to choose and which ones you like the most… to end with a friendly team competition in sushi ornamentation.

Regardless of age or sex, an activity where everyone has fun and an unforgettable meal.

*(Not only high quality raw fish but meat and vegetables are employed so guests with special food requirements can be satisfied).

WADAIKO (Japanese Drum)

Taiko, the big Japanese drum, is used in all traditional and modern ceremonies, festivals, sports events and parades… it brings an exciting rhythm which evokes battles and ancestral religious ceremonies.

And anyone can enjoy playing it, even from the beginner level, it`s easy to get absorbed by the mood… the best thing about the Taiko music happens when several drums synchronize together and you can feel how the thunder spirits are running for your body and the people playing around you… one life time experience and a great teamwork trigger, and the bigger the number of participants the awesome the effect is.

The tour includes impressive live demonstration by the teachers, study of the basics and final collective performance.


Getting inside a Kimono is a wonderful way to get inside the Japanese culture, we offer you the chance to get to the roots of cultural heritage tradition, accessing the most beautiful Japanese ceremonial dress.

Kimono is an exquisite and versatile garment, behind its fine fabric it is also full of features and surprising tricks the instructors will show you as they assist you to wear it.

Regardless of age or sex, an activity where everyone has fun.


Feel the ancient roots of the Far East in your hands. Calligraphy is even more than artistic writing, there`s a story and a meaning behind each ancestral character which communicates with millenarian cultures and our eldest way of thinking.

Chinese Characters have had hundreds of years of evolution inside the Japanese language, the Japanese culture cannot be understood without them.

Meditation and Zen are also related to the practice, the ritual for the ink and the search for balance and harmony in the strokes as inside oneself, to clear one’s mind and let the letters flow out by themselves… and finally being able to reflect your name in a unique calligraphy art piece, a perfect souvenir of a visit to Japan.


Don’t you want to take a look to the deep world of the Japanese sake?

From north to south there are more than 1000 traditional Breweries in Japan and for each brewery infinite peculiar and unique liquors… would you like to find the best for you?

*Apart from the programs above, True Japan Tour provide variety of programs for MICE. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries, about Incentive Program, Meeting, Conference, and any types of Events.

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