For 30 years, I worked for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. While performing my jobs as an assistant to the Governor to Tokyo and as a general manager for Japan’s largest convention site facilities, I felt a severe shortage of programs which introduce the charms of Japan to VIPs and many overseas visitors. The reasons it is difficult to convey the many charms of Japan is twofold, the difficulties posed by the language which contains a number of untranslatable characteristics and more so by the very uniqueness of the Japanese culture.  Being as it is an island nation Japan has developed a culture like nowhere else in the world and this carries with it challenges not only for those who seek to learn about it but also for those who seek to explain it.

To the people from all over the world, I would like to convey not only Japanese ingenuity in manufacturing products but also many other charms.

I took an early retirement from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2008. In order to convey the charms of Japan to overseas visitors, I founded an NPO. To this organization I summoned bilingual specialists in tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Japanese cuisine and others cultural areas. As of today there are 1,260 nationally certified guides in what is now Japan’s largest guide organization. Its full name is IJCEE which stands for Institute for Japanese Culture Experience and Education. In addition to this organization, in 2013 I founded the True Japan Tour Company which develops and delivers various programs on things Japanese.

Our motto is to ‘Deliver Ultimate Satisfaction for Diverse Guests’ Needs’

We are exercising our best efforts to tackle and realize this hard-to-attain objective.

Our objective in doing business at True Japan Tour Company is

Discover Japan’s Nature, Beauty & Spirit.



Chief Executive Officer