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Zen practice in a Nostalgic Mountain Temple


You can try  authentic Zen meditation visiting a local temple  surrounded by mountains. 


In this tour, you can experience a traditional "Zazen" sitting session" at a local temple, surrounded by beautiful mountains. The foundation of the temple dates back to the Heian period (8th century), and has been well maintained by local people and Buddhist priests. You will be able to enjoy green tea, sweet confectionary, interesting folktales, beautiful scenery, as well as Zazen session.


[Kintetsu]Nagoya→Tomida→ [Sangi train, Sangi-line]Tomida→Nishi-Fujiwara→(Taxi)→Shobo-ji temple→Nishi-Fujiwara→Tomida→[Kintetsu]Tomida→ [Kintetsu]Nagoya


◆Sangi railway Sangi line, Nishi-Fujiwara Station
Sangi railway was established by two biggest cement companies in the Showa period as a freight railway, for transporting raw materials of cement (lime stones) about 80 years ago. After that, passenger trains were added, and have been used by local residents. Nishi-Fujiwara station, surrounded by mountains, has traditional type steam locomotives, which have been attracting sightseeing people, hiker and train fans.
(Hokusei line of Sangi railway has rare type of small trains. Only three railway companies have such a type of trains in Japan.)

◆ Narutani-jinja
Narutani-jinja was originally founded to guard Shobo-ji temple. It is dedicated to the God of Harvests & family safety, called “Oyama-kuni-ino-mokoto,”and has been worshipped by local people as the guardian god of the town. At the gate of this shrine, we are greeted by a pair of monkeys.

◆Shoboji temple
Shoboji temple is a Tendai-sect temple, which was founded by the priest, Dengyo Daishi (Saicho) who started the Tendai Sect of Buddhism in Japan. It was burned down by fire in 1580, but rebuilt by the priest Gudo Okushi-Zenshi, and became a temple of Rinzai-sect (Myosinji sub-sect). This temple is dedicated to Jyuichimen (eleven faces)-Senjyu (thousand hands)-Kanzeon-Bosatsu (Avalokitesvara in Sanskrit). The garden located in front of the main building of the temple was built in Heian period (8 century), in the special circuit style, called Tsukiyama-style.) Many people including hikers visit this place, to enjoy cool air blown from Narutani wall and hiking in the Fujiwara Mountain.


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8 hours

Sangi-line Nishi-Fujiwara station

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・Travel expenses during the tour. (For taxis or hired cars, additional fee will be charged.)


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