Walking Tour

Although Japan is considered a small island, from Hokkaido to Okinawa you will find how diverse its climate and landscape is. Why not discover hidden charms unknown to others!?

As one of the world’s leading metropolitans, Tokyo has the most Michelin star restaurants in the world. In addition to its rich food culture, you can also enjoy the otaku culture of anime and gaming, as well as the kawaii (cute) pop culture.
Around Tokyo
Just a quick trip from Tokyo are many places where you can enjoy nature and hot springs, such as Hakone. Besides Hakone’s famous hot springs, you can also enjoy a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji while also visiting highly acclaimed art museums.
Hokkaido is most famous for its vast land full of unspoiled nature. Besides its nature, you can also enjoy Hakodate’s rich seafood, the city streets of Sapporo and the ski resorts where people from around the world come to visit.
(Northern Honshu)
In Tohoku, you can feel its rich history as well as enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of its nature. Many tourists visit to see the vibrant summer festivals or mystical winter festivals. During the winter, you can also warm up in the hot springs.
Central Honshu
Central Honshu region is full of attractive spots, from the Japanese Alps where you can enjoy world-class skiing, hot springs and hiking to the charming streets of Takayama where you can enjoy traditional neighborhoods untouched by time.
Kyoto and Nara
At the center of Japan are Kyoto and Nara, once the former capitals of Japan. Full of traditional charm, many visit these two cities to see the iconical historical heritages sites and experience Japan’s traditional arts and culture.
(around Kyoto)
Osaka may not have a beautiful cityscape, but it is the city where you can find inexpensive and delicious food everywhere. People are more personable and if you go out at night, you can expect to have a good time over delicious food.
Hiroshima and around Hiroshima
Hiroshima is most known as the city where the first atomic bomb was used. While many go there to visit the Peace Memorial Park, it is also famous for its passionate baseball fans and Mazda headquarters.
Shikoku, the fourth largest island of Japan, is known as a place of spiritual importance for pilgrimage. You can also enjoy its local food or visit the neighboring islands in the Seto Inland Sea where there are many art related facilities.
Kyushu, located at the southernmost and westernmost tip of Japan’s four major islands, has many active volcanoes, luscious tropical coastlines and wonderful hot springs. It is the warmest and most beautiful island in Japan that you won't want to miss.
Okinawa and Southeast Islands
With its subtropical climate, Ryukyu culture and relaxed atmosphere, you will experience a warm interaction with the locals in Okinawa. This combined with the charming surrounding islands will leave you wanting to visit again.