For Foodies

Japan is a country where you can find any gourmet food from around the world. Not only does Tokyo have the most Michelin-starred restaurants, it also has inexpensive local dishes for all to enjoy.

Originally a traditional Japanese dish [for celebration], sushi has gained popularity worldwide. While in Japan, you will see sushi presented in a variety of ways not found elsewhere.
Whole sale Market
Markets are the best place to get a glimpse of the local culture. While there are markets packed with tourists, such as Tsukiji, the smaller ones also display the deeply rooted food culture of the area.
Made from rice, sake’s refreshing taste is the perfect match for Japanese food. Like French wineries, there are various sake breweries in Japan; each having their own distinctive flavors.
Japanese Sweets
Traditional Japanese sweets are made with rice, azuki (red beans), sugar and other colorful ingredients. Of course delicious, the visual is quite beautiful, making them pieces of art.
Shojin Cuisine
(Vegetalian Food)
Shojin cuisine, originally vegetarian dishes prepared for Buddhist monks, is also classified as Japanese food. Even though no meat or fish are used, combined with various cooking techniques, creates a flavorful dish.
Local Food
In addition to so-called “Japanese cuisine”, there are plenty of other delicious and inexpensive dishes in Japan, such as yakitori, ramen and oden. Izakaya is the perfect place to taste such dishes.
We offer a wide range of menus that do not fit in the above categories. Please enjoy various Japanese foods.