Cultural Experience

There are many ways to enjoy Japan’s rich traditional culture, whether it is tea ceremony, kimono, origami, or samurai. Come experience the heart of Japan!

Tea Ceremony
Tea ceremony is a traditional art representative of Japanese culture. With the emphases on hospitality or omotenashi, it gives you a glimpse of the essence of the Japanese thinking.
Kimo is one of the most recognizable traditional garments in the world. As you walk the streets in a kimono, you will feel closer to Japan.
From ukiyo-e paintings, Japanese gardens and temple architectures, there are various traditional arts in Japan. Also, traditional craftworks, such as pottery, are also highly acclaimed worldwide.
Origami has a long history that makes it so much more than just paper folding. Some consider it an art form that is very Zen-like in its simplicity and depth.
Furoshiki, traditional wrapping cloth widely used in Japan, is still cherished today. It reflects the Japanese spirit of showing care and attention to things and people around them.
There are many instruments that have been used since ancient times, such as the Japanese koto (harp) and drums. They have mainly been used in festivals and entertainment settings, but today they are also used in modern music.
Samurai/ Ninja
Samurai and ninja are the first images that come to people’s minds around the world when it comes to Japan. They are beloved motifs that are frequently seen in movies, manga and games.
We offer a wide range of menus that do not fit in the above categories. Please enjoy various Japanese cultural experiences.