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Koyasan & Mt. Koya Two-day Tour


This course is a 2-day tour to visit Koyasan, UNESCO Cultural Heritage site.


Koyasan is a sacred site for Shingon school of Esoteric Buddhism, located at the summit of a densely forested mountain. Please feel the long-held mysterious  world deep in the mountain and see the most outstanding example of Buddhism arts in Japan. Guests can enjoy Shojin Ryori, Buddhist vegetarian dish, Attend Buddhist ceremonies, morning service & fire ritual at Shukubo, temple accommodation.


Your hotel→Namba→Koyasan→Kongobu-ji→Garan→Reihokan→Ekoin


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◆Danjo Garan
Danjo means a platform for religious practice on which there is 19 Garan and Halls that were made by the initiatives of Kukai, based on the mandala. These monastic complexes are collectively called “Danjo Garan”, which is one of the great three complexes. Among them, Fudodo is the oldest building in Koyasan, designated as a National treasure.

◆Kongobu-ji Temple
It is a headquarters of 4,000 Shingon sect branch temples nationwide. Magnificent pictures by historically famous artists decorate the rooms, A huge roof with thatched cypress bark built at the end of Edo period, the largest stone garden with 2,340㎡ and other interesting sights.

◆The Reihokan Museum
Koyasan is known as the treasure house of Esoteric Buddhism arts. Reihokan serves as a museum storing 50,000 items including 21national treasures and 142 important cultural assets. People’s devotion toward Koyasan and passion to embody Esoteric Buddhism thought can be felt in this museum.

It is a symbol of barrier to restrict entry at the general gate of the whole mountain of Koya. Daimon was burned down several times, so the present gate was reconstructed in 1705. The brilliant vermillion gate looks beautiful with deep green forest. The view from the gate is magnificent.

Ekoin is the actual temple, so you can experience the morning service, fire ritual of esoteric Buddhism etc. The garden view and voluminous Syojin cuisine (Buddhist vegetarian dish) make your stay comfortable. A night tour to Okunoin is popular conducted by a young priest in English at 1,500JPY per person. (The tour availability can be checked on site.)

Okunoin is the special holy place in Koyasan. Gobyo, Kukai’s mausoleum and Torodo, lantern Temple are located after 2km path leading from Ichinohashi to the main mausoleum. More than 200, 000 grave stones from emperor’s family to military commanders stand in lines between the trees. Night tour from the temple lodging is such an experience to sweep away worldly sins by clear air and quietness.


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Mt. Koya


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