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Arima Hot Spring Walking Tour (From Osaka)


This is a walking tour around Arima hot spring town which is famous for the high quality hot spring. It must make you relaxed and feel one of the most popular Japanese culture.


Start from Kyoto/Osaka, enjoy 6~7-hour trip to Arima, one of the oldest hot springs in Japan well known as the Gold and Silver hot water. You can learn the history of the famous Samurai couple who loved this place and the origin of Arima in Onsen Temple and Taiko no Yudonokan. After strolling the area, you enjoy the atmosphere with soaking your feet into the footbath.


Your hotel→walk along Arima river →  Taiko statue →  Nene statue → Bamboo crafts shop studio → Lunch → Onsen Temple →  Taiko no Yudonokan → Hot spring sources →  Foot bath→ Highway Bus Osaka Umeda terminal

◆Taiko and Nene statue
Many historic people including emperors and samurais visited this hot spring as the recuperation place. Among them, persons of those statues are earnest Arima hot spring lovers and patrons in the 16th century and the most favorite historic icons in Japan.

◆Bamboo Crafts Shop
Arima locals have been making bamboo crafts. The products are amazingly elaborate and used as the flower bases and baskets. In the shop you can see the studio where craftsman is making bamboo products.

◆Onsen Temple
This temple was founded by the famous monk called Gyoki in the 8th century. The monk was led by the Doctor Buddha who healed injured people and animals and dedicated the statue here. This is the place where healing effect and people’s belief are associated.

◆Taiko no Yudonokan
This is a museum where the history of the spring, the remains of rock and steam bath, the topic about hot spring, and local crafts are exhibited. There is a hot spring source just behind the museum.

◆Footbath in Kinnoyu
You enjoy soaking your feet in hot mineral water outside of Kinnoyu, the public bath managed by Kobe city. The water of this bath is called “Kinnoyu,” or “Golden Spring,” because of its color. The water turns red when it contacts air. There is another hot water called “Ginsen,” or “Silver Spring.”


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Arima Hot Spring


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