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Kyoto: Fushimiinari Shrine, Sake Brewery & Short Cruise


In this tour, you visit a Japanese sake brewery and Fushimi-Inari Shrine known as the thousand of red gate moving by mini cruise


Kyoto has a large cultural legacy coming from its 1200 year-long history. We at IJCEE offer special private tours in Kyoto at affordable costs. Our government-licensed guides will meet you at your hotel, and take you not only to major tourists' spots but also to lesser-known alleys and markets. At the end of the tour, you will agree that the best feature of Kyoto city is the mixture of the new and the old!


Pick up at hotel -> Fushimi-Inari Shrine -> Chokenji Temple -> Boat Tour -> Sake Cellars and breweries(Sake Tasting (optional))

More Info

◆Fushimi - Inari Shrine
Fushimi - Inari Shrine is the headquarters of the 30,000 - 40,000 Inari shrines nationwide. It is the center for the belief in spiritual benefits that can be gained through observance of Buddhist teaching. Visitors to the shrine enter through a vermillion colored torii gate to the precinct and the main hall.
Visitors pray for health while passing through the senbon-torii, the thousands of torii gates, which lining the approach behind the main hall. During the New Year season, Fushimi-Inari shrine is the most popular destination in the Kansai area.

◆Chokenji Temple
Visitor's eyes are immediately attracted to the unique temple gate and the crimson earthen walls surrounding the temple. The picturesque atmosphere creates an almost mystical aura. The main Buddhist statue of this temple, Benzaiten, the Goddess of eloquence, music, and art, is usually kept hidden from the public. It is said that this statue of Benzaiten has been revered as a wonder-working deity for improving a person's speech and artistic abilities, protecting against misfortune, and increasing wealth.. Unique fortune telling paper slits are available at this temple, so drawing is recommended.

◆Boat tour with traditional Japanese style boat
Visitors can cruise the canals of Fushimi on a traditional Japanese-style boat called a jukkokubune. As visitors tour the Fushimi District, they can see large four-hundred-year-old merchant houses and sake brewers' warehouses on the banks of the canal. A calm and steady breeze welcomes all to this wonderful boat tour.

◆Sake cellars and breweries (Gekkeikan, Shinsei, and Kizakura)
The Fushimi district is known for its abundant, clear, and rich subterranean mineral water. With such ideal water for brewing Japanese sake, the sake brewing industry has flourished in Fushimi for a long time. Some major sake breweries, such as Gekkeikan, and Kizakura still stand in Fushimi district today, especially along the canal in the district. Shall we stroll through the town of sake cellars and famed water?

◆Sake Tasting (Optional)
"Ginjo Shubo Aburacho",a sake tavern located at the corner of a shopping street, serves all the types of Japanese sake brewed in Fushimi. One popular menu choice features the tasting of three different kinds of Fushimi .made sake. Shall we toast with sake at the end of the tour?


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Fee per Person

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6.5 hours

Fushimi-Inari Shrine

Chokenji Temple

Boat Tour

Sake Cellars and breweries


Guiding fee, Public transportation fee (For taxis or hired cars, additional fee will be charged.), Admission fee


Cost of meal and sightseeing activities
Sake Tasting Fee (optional) : 1,000yen (base rate) + 2,000yen per person participating


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