Exploring the Heart of Kyoto (One Day)


Kyoto has a large cultural legacy coming from its 1200 year-long history and offers an incredible number of attractions for tourists. Among them, this private walking tour is planned to discover Kyoto's hidden beauty and explore the heart of Kyoto.
Our government-licensed guides will take you not only to major tourists' spots but also to lesser-known alleys and markets. At the end of the tour, you will agree that the best feature of Kyoto city is the mixture of the new and the old!



Itinerary Day Schedule

Pick up at hotel -> Sanjusangen-do -> Kiyomizu Temple -> Yasakajinja -> Gion -> Nishiki Market

◆"Let's find statue that looks like you" / Sanjusangen-do
The main hall of Sanjusangen-do contains 1,001 wooden statues of Juichimen- Senju- Kannon, "11-faced, thousand -armed Buddhist goddess of mercy". The principal image, the seated statue of Senju Kannon, sits in the center of the collection. These statues exhibit an extraordinary level of craftsmanship from the Kamakura period, representing the essence of Buddhist art.
Although the Kannon Bodhisattvas all look almost identical, there seems to be the statue resembling yourself among them.

◆"Don't jump off the cliff" / Kiyomizu Temple
This temple predates the foundation of Kyoto and has had millions of pilgrims ever since. It is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site with over 30 structures, including a huge wooden veranda in front of the main hall that juts out over the cliff and provides you a panoramic view of Kyoto. There is a famous expression: that states "You must jump off the stage of Kiyomizu." It means that you should take the plunge to make your dreams come true.

◆"Most walked street in Kyoto" / Sannenzaka
This sloped path leading to Kiyomizu temple was originally paved with stones in about 808 AD and may be the most walked street in Kyoto. It is lined with old wooden houses running restaurants and shops selling pottery, artworks and other traditional goods. You may come across young women dressed in kimono and feel as though you had traveled back in time to the days of 300 years ago.

◆"Encounter Geiko and Maiko" / Gion
Gion is the entertainment district beautifully lined with traditional town houses and restaurants, you will encounter geiko and maiko, professional entertainers trained in traditional Japanese dance and music, including the playing the shamisen (like a three-stringed guitar) and singing. They can be seen wearing, beautiful, elaborate kimonos as they walk to and from appointments.

◆"Sample Kyoto's specialties" / Nishiki Market
If you need a break from temple hopping, Nishiki Market is a great place to visit. Located in the center of the town, Nishikikoji-dori, 400 meters long, is a street lined with around 130 shops selling Kyoto's specialties, such as Kyoto vegetables, dried and pickled foods, fish, and more. That's why it is called "the kitchen of Kyoto". The variety of foods on display is staggering and the frequent cries of Irashaimase (Welcome!) are heart-warming.


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Nishiki Market ※【Finish Spot】 Tour guide will assist you how to get to the station for your next visiting spot or your hotel.



Kiyomizu Temple



Nishiki Market

Meeting Place

Pick up at your hotel
(The picking applicable hotels are limited to the hotels between Higashi-oji-dori and Nishi-oji-dori (to the east and west) and Imadegawa-dori and Jujo-dori(to the north and south). If you need a taxi or a hired car, an additional fee will be charged.)

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3,900 JPY

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