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Central Tokyo Cycling Tour with Private Guide (1 Day)


Feel the wind through your hair as you cycle the streets of Tokyo and learn about some its most fascinating sites with a professional tour guide-interpreter. Got other stuff to see and do? Check out our half day cycling tour here.   


◆ Cycle around the streets of Tokyo, a city that perfectly balances the old with the new
◆ Learn all about Tokyo's unique history with an experienced tour guide-interpreter
◆ Visit some of Tokyo's most famous sights, including Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Palace
◆ Explore the traditional streets of off-the-tourist-trail areas like Monzen-Nakacho and Tsukishima


Morning Tour
Tokyo Tower
Explore the famous Tokyo Tower, a 332.9-meter (1,092 ft.) broadcasting tower and one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks. See some of the best views of Tokyo from one of its two observatories* – the main deck stands at 150 meters (490 ft.) and the top deck at 249.6 meters (819 ft.) – or visit the Foot Town floors for shops, restaurants, galleries and more!
*Please note that tickets to the observatories are not included in the tour fee.

Zojoji Temple
A short cycle will take you to Zojoji. Zojoji is the head temple of the Jodo sect of Buddhism in the Kanto region. Founded in 1393, its substantial main gate, called the Sangedatsumon, is a designated Important Cultural Property of Japan and the only temple structure in Tokyo to have survived WW2 bombings. Impressive views of Tokyo Tower can be seen from the temple grounds, as well as hundreds of Jizo Boddhisatva statues, which represent the unborn children of Japan. 

Prime Minister's Official Residence
Visit the principal office of the prime minister of Japan, where cabinet meetings take place, national crises are resolved, and foreign leaders are entertained. While there, learn all about the fascinating history of Japan’s government and its place in the area.  

National Diet Building
Next, take a very short cycle to the National Diet Building, which contains both houses of the Japanese parliament, known as the Diet. Constructed in 1936, it is made out of almost entirely Japanese materials and its impressive façade is a mixture of Western and Japanese architectural styles.

Imperial Palace
Come see where the Emperor of Japan and his family reside, Tokyo's Imperial Palace. Rebuilt on the former grounds of Edo Castle, a famous fifteenth century fortress, the outskirts of this impressive palace feature a large park surrounded by deep moats and massive stone walls. Here guests can see the foundations of the former castle tower, as well as several entrances and guardhouses from the samurai era.

Kabukiza Theater
Tokyo’s principal theater for the traditional dramatic art of kabuki, a classical Japanese dance-drama known for its elaborate costumes, impressive stage designs and eccentric performance styles. The theater itself blends architectural details of Japanese castles and ancient temples to evoke a truly classical atmosphere.  

Afternoon Tour
Tsukiji Fish Market
The first stop on the afternoon tour is Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan’s most famous market and once the largest of its kind in the world. Explore its over 300 shops and stalls, and discover the unique culture behind Japanese fishing and food.

Cycle around Tsukishima, a man-made island on Tokyo Bay, to experience an unusual mix of the old Tokyo atmosphere of the earlier twentieth century combined with towering residential high-rises. The area is also well-known for monjayaki, a type of runny savory pancake similar to other Japanese food favorite okonomiyaki, if that takes your fancy!

Kiyosumi Garden
Explore one of Tokyo’s most impressive landscape gardens, once owned by the founder of Mitsubishi. The garden is famous for its highly valuable stones, which have been taken from areas all over Japan. There is also a memorial hall dedicated to Emperor Taisho on the grounds, and look out for the many fish and turtles in the garden!  

The bulk of the afternoon tour will take place in the old town of Fukagawa, a down-to-earth area that is still reminiscent of pre-war Japan. Here you will visit the likes of Fukagawa Edo Museum, which authentically recreates a 17th century Tokyo neighborhood, and Tomioka Hachimangu shrine, the largest shrine of its kind in Tokyo, teeming with wildlife. You can also visit the famous Fukagawa Fudoson, a lavish temple from the 8th century where you can witness Goma fire rituals taking place.  

Monzen Nakacho
The final spot on our tour is Monzen Nakacho. Another part of Tokyo’s pre-war downtown, here you can visit and explore traditional kimono and arts shops, the celebrated Museum of Contemporary Art, and a nostalgic entertainment district known as Tatsumi Shindo.   


AM : (Start) The Kikai Shiko Kaikan Building Tokyo Tower → Zojoji Temple → Prime Minister’s Office → Japan Houses of Parliament (Diet Building) → The Imperial Palace → Kabukiza Theater → Tsukiji Fish Market

PM : Tsukiji Fish Market → Tsukishima → Kiyosumi Garden → Fukawaga Edo Museum → Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine → Fukagawa Temple → Monzen Nakacho (Disband)

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