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Ueno & Tokyo National Museum Tour


Wander the broad avenues of Ueno Park and learn about its rich history from samurai temple to Tokyo's foremost recreation ground. Then explore the famous Tokyo National Museum. 


◆ Discover the vast space of Ueno's famous park 
◆ Visit Japan's oldest national museum and see its most distinguished cultural artifacts
◆ Learn Japanese history and culture from our nationally-licensed expert guide 


On this tour you will explore two of Tokyo's finest attractions: Ueno Park and Tokyo National Museum. 

The first half of this tour will take place in Ueno, one of the key districts in Tokyo's historical shitamachi, or downtown area.

Our guide will first take you around the urban areas of the Ueno, including the famous Ameya Yokocho, commonly known as Ameyoko. Ameyoko is a former black market street that is now well-known for its top quality bargains and even better candy. Here you can find genuine design goods at incredibly low prices, as well as some of the best and sweet sweet stores in Tokyo. Famous also for its quality street food, it is also a great place to grab a snack to go. 

After Ameyoko, you will then take a short walk to beautiful Ueno Park, Japan's most popular park - and also one of the oldest. The former site of one of Tokyo's most important temples, here you can explore a number of historic temples and shrines, including a 400 year-old five-storied pagoda that sits in the grounds, as well as discover peaceful lakes and grassland areas. 

As you walk, our guide will tell us you all about the park's unusual journey from favorite temple of Japan's most powerful shogunate to the number one place for Tokyoites to relax. 

Tokyo National Museum
The second half of your tour will take place at Tokyo National Museum. Tokyo National Museum is not only Japan's oldest national museum and its largest art museum, it is also the most popular museum, with over 2 million visitors annually. An art museum, it houses over 110,000 artifacts and pieces of art, most from Japan and areas along the Silk Road.

Unless specified otherwise, the tour will mostly take place in Tokyo National Museum's Honkan, or main gallery. The Honkan houses Japanese art from pre-history to the nineteenth century and includes cultural highlights such as ukiyo-e, Japanese woodblock prints; historical Buddhist artworks; and famously decorated shoji sliding doors. The Honkan also houses many of Japan's national treasures. 

Upon request, our guide may alternatively be able to provide a tour to one of museums other buildings. Other buildings of the Tokyo National Museum include: the Toyokan, or Asian Gallery, which houses artworks from all over Asia, as well as several Ancient Egyptian pieces; the Heiseikan, where most of the museum's temporary exhibitions take place; and Horyuji Homotsukan, which houses nationals treasures from Nara's Horuji temple, one of the foremost temples in early Japanese Buddhism. 

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Ueno Park

Tokyo National Museum

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◆ Our services are mainly offered in English. Other languages ​​(including Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian) are also available. If you would like to request this tour in a language other than English, please inquire at as soon as possible. 
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