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[Video]Decorative Sushi Making Experience and Tokyo Tower 360°VR


Japanese culture has been handed down through the transmission of techniques. In particular, it has been said that the finest techniques should be stolen through observation, not taught.

The top professionals have hidden secrets that cannot be seen at first glance.


Look at them from the front and observe their eyes and facial expressions. Follow the movement of the right hand from the left. From the right, observe the shape of the left hand. In this way, why don't you observe up and down, left and right, and learn the techniques of the masters?

 You can view the following 4 VR movies using a 360° camera.


VR video using a 360° camera.

1 "Discover the secrets of Japan's best decorated sushi chef's techniques" 360°VR video (57:19)
The art of the sushi chef is a performance filled with wonder. Why is it possible to spread rice homogeneously on a sheet of nori and roll it into a well-shaped ball?
What is the secret of skillfully making nigiri with seven steps?

What is the secret of how to make the intricate design of the "Bird dancing on the sunrise Mt. Fuji.
In this video, you will find a treasure trove of techniques that everyone wants to know, whether you are a beginner who has just started making sushi, an intermediate sushi maker who wants to further improve your skills, or an advanced sushi maker who wants to improve even further.

Click on the video yourself to see the superstar's handiwork with the precision you want to see the most!

2 Tea ceremony experience 360°VR (15:09)

Chanoyu is a traditional Japanese cultural experience in which visitors can enjoy the changing seasons in a simply furnished Japanese-style room while being entertained by the hostess.
The host prepares tea for his/her guests, and the guests enjoy the tea while receiving the host's hospitality.
In this video, you will see in detail each of the many movements and rules of behavior in the tea ceremony.

3 Shamisen and Koto 360°VR (4:06)

Both the shamisen and the koto are Japanese stringed instruments. They offer a distinctive tone that is completely different from that of the guitar or violin.
Since this is a performance of a completely original piece by the performing team, you will not be able to hear it anywhere else but in this video.

4 360° view from Tokyo Tower
VR (6:41)

The view from the main observatory, located 150 meters above the Tokyo Tower, will be reproduced.
Compared to the Sky Tree, the Tokyo Tower is said to be more attractive for the following two reasons.
First, there are many attractive facilities below, such as Zojoji Temple, Shiba Park, and the Prince Hotel.

Second, there are representative views of Tokyo such as the Imperial Palace, Roppongi Hills, and Tokyo Bay in the middle distance.
In addition to the Bay Bridge and Sky Tree, on clear days, visitors can move up, down, left, and right in any direction to view the magnificent observatory, which also offers a view of Mt. Only a 360° camera installed on the floor glass allows you to observe the Tokyo Tower directly below!

5 Foreigner's Sushi Experience (54:49)

Foreigner guests, Peter and Jenny learn the sushi experience from instructor Kuniko Kikuchi. With easy conversation and instruction from a foreigner's point of view by instructor Kikuchi, the foreign guests' eyes light up as they experience the sushi. Instructor Kawasumi also introduces wonderful techniques such as cutting tuna. At the end of the class, the foreigners are very satisfied with the sushi they made.

6 Tokyo Tower (4:51)

At the beginning of the video, the angle looking up at the Tokyo Tower from directly below in cloudless weather is overwhelming. Three kimono-clad foreign tourists are guided from the entrance to the main observatory. Foreign tourists and Tokyo's famous landmarks can be seen from the observatory.


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