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A great tour with a private guide to choose from 3 of the 10 must-see sightseeing must-see spots in Tokyo


Your guide will guide you through up to three places you want to visit from the following major attractions:

Meiji Jingu
Imperial Palace
Aoyama / Omotesando
Metropolitan Government

In exchange of this low price, you may be assigned to newbie guides of all ages.
This tour is made as a part of our guides education program.

They are all licensed guides, highly passionate, keen on make you happy during tours, but he/she may not be as experienced as you expect them to be.
Their language ability, way of guiding may vary.
There are possibilities that you will not hit it well with your guide or find him/her lacking as a guide.
You may not choose your guide and no complaint will be dealt with in case guide assigned to you could not answered questions.
By choosing this tour, you have agreed to give a chance to our newbie guides.
We will guarantee that your guides will give their best. 
Critiques are always welcome though. (Highly welcome!)


As part of your tour, you can choose to visit 3 out of any of the 10 major areas.

Discover fashion, food and art in Harajuku, Tokyo's cutest and quirkiest neighborhood, renowned for its youth fashion.

As part of this option your guide will show you around the likes of Takeshita Street, Harajuku's most famous area, lined with colorful vintage clothing stores, whacky themed cafes, delicious dessert shops and more bubblegum-sweet pop culture than you can imagine. From there, explore the more relaxed backstreets of Harajuku where trendy bars and beautiful art murals can be found, as well as Cat Street, Takeshita's hipper high-end cousin.

Shibuya is Tokyo's commercial and business center, and arguably the most energetic district in Japan. In this option, you will explore the colorful and busy streets of Shibuya's lively shopping area, where hundreds of shops, restaurants and nightclubs of almost every genre stay open until the very late hours. Your guide will also take you around some of Shibuya's most famous sightseeing spots, such as the Spanish Slope, Hachiko's statue, and Shibuya Scramble, the world's busiest crosswalk bordered by futuristic neon advertisements and high-rises.

Roppongi is a mishmash of different cultures all blended together to make an ultra-elegant, innovative and artsy district. With many foreign embassies, luxury hotels, and high-class retail spaces, it has a refined air to it. Yet it is also a cultural center, home to many of Tokyo's best art spaces and musuems, including the National Art Center and the Mori Art Museum. In this option, your guide can take you around any of the major cultural attractions in Roppongi and the surrounding areas, such as Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Midtown and Myozenji Temple.

Tsukiji Fish Market 
Take a walk around Japan's oldest and most famous market, once the biggest fishmarket in the world. Our accredited guide will show you around the many delights of Tsukiji Market. As you walk, you will learn all about the history and culture of this 80-year old market while trying some of the delicious food and drinks on offer at its over 300 stalls and shops.

Visit affluent Omotesando and its equally hip neighbor, Aoyama. As major luxury shopping destinations, they are some of the most visited areas in Tokyo, and if boutique shopping and sophisticated dining experiences don't whet your appetite, there's also the many famous buildings that adorn the area; Omotesando being the heart of modern Japanese architecture. To give you a feel for all this, your guide will take you around the many streets and stores, explaining to you how this glamorous place came to be. Visited areas could include Omotesando Hills, the Oriental Bazaar, the Prada building, and more.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings 
In this option, tour the observation decks of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building, one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo and the site of many science fiction and anime movies. From its top floor, see exquisite views of famous landmarks such as Mount Fuji, Tokyo Dome, Meiji Shrine, and Tokyo Tower. The building is also home to a tourist information center with information and materials about areas from all over Japan, as well a several gift shops and cafes. After traversing the observatories, you can also visit the nearby Shinjuku Central Park and other sites of interest in the Shinjuku area.

Wander around beautiful Asakasa, once the main downtown of Tokyo, and home to the city's most famous temple, Senso-ji. Built in the 7th century, Sensoji is a rich and large temple complex with a bustling tradtional shopping street on its approach, and the iconic and impressive Kaminarimon Gate at its start, with its large red hanging lantern. Other popular sights to see in Asakusa include Asakusa Shrine, Sumida Park, and the gorgeously designed Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center.

Meiji Jingu Shrine
Take a stroll around Tokyo's most popular shrine, Meiji Jungu. Meiji Jingu is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji, the most influential Japanese emperor in history and the leader responsible for the complete modernization of Japan. A lush shrine, it is surrounded by a tranquil forest of over 100,000 evergreen trees and it is flanked by several towering torii gates made of Taiwanese cypress. With an area spanning 170 acres, Meiji Jingu Shrine is also home to the Meiji Jingu Museum, with its many royal treasures, the Inner Garden, known for its irises, and the Kiyomasa Well, which has a status among Japanese people as a great "power spot."

Tokyo Imperial Palace
Come see where the Emperor of Japan and his family currently reside, Tokyo's Imperial Palace. Rebuilt on the former grounds of Edo Castle, a fifteenth century fortress, the outskirts of this impressive palace feature a large park surrounded by deep moats and massive stone walls. It is also home to Japan's most famous bridge, Nijubashi, or "the Double Bridge," seen by many as the true symbol of Tokyo. Guests can further choose to visit the palace's East Gardens, where they can see the foundations of the former castle tower, as well as several entrances and guardhouses from the samurai era.

*Please note the inner grounds of the Imperial Palace are only accessible for a limited number of days during the year.*


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Newly-qualified Guides
Please note than in exhange for the low tour fee you may be given a newly-qualified guide for this tour. All our guides have undergone vigorous training to become nationally-accredited in their fields and we personally vet them for their suitability to our tours. However, we welcome all critical feedback and suggestions. 


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