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Asakusa Walking Tour in Traditional Kimono


Go back in time in this tour around historic Asakusa wearing a traditional Japanese kimono. Learn from a nationally-licensed expert about its history as Tokyo's hub of entertainment, and see sights like Senso-ji, Tokyo's oldest temple, Denboin Temple Gardens, Nakamise Shopping Street, and more. 

We also offer this tour without the kimono rental option here.


◆ Walk around Asakusa in a genuine high-quality Japanese kimono 
Learn the history of this important area
◆ Visit top sights like Senso-ji Temple, Denboin Street, Marugoto Nippon and more!
◆ Take part in a tour that fits you with a choice of numerous activities to see and do


This is a walking tour around Asakusa, Tokyo's age-old entertainment district. Established over 500 years ago, during Japan's Edo period (1603-1868) it thrived as Tokyo's center for theatre, art and geisha. Though much of the town was lost after WWII, some of its old buildings and streets still stand, and the area remains a center of history and culture. 

And to really feel the history of this fascinating place, you will tour the district dressed in traditional Japanese kimono! Before we embark on the tour, we will take you to our trusted Kimono rental partner. Here you can choose a kimono from hundreds of high-quality designs and styles. A kimono expert will then dress you in your kimono in the appropriate style. 

Once dressed, we will embark on the tour but the locations you cisit are up to you. Our guides are all locals, well-versed on the treasures of Asakusa, so just tell them what your interests are, and they can design a tour that's right for you. Visited locations depend on season and interest but common sights include: 

Senso-ji Temple - Senso-ji is Tokyo's oldest, best-known, and most-loved temple. It was first built in around 645, following an unusual supernatural incident in the area, and has only grown in size and influence since then. Our guides are experts on this temple and can tell you all about its fascinating past and impact it still has to this day. 

Nakamise Shopping Street - Nakamise is the lead-in to Senso-ji Temple. With over 90 stalls selling specialist goods like kimono and senbei rice crackers, it is most famous for the two temple gates that flag the street. Hanging fron Kaminarimon, the first gate, which can also translate as "the thunder gate," is an enormous 3.9m high lantern, the view of which is one of the most famous sights in Tokyo. 

Asakusa Shrine - A stone's throw away from Senso-ji is Asakusa Shrine, a medium-sized shrine with a big history. Inextricably linked to Senso-ji, it is dedicated to the three men who founded the famous temple. Having been built in 1649, it is one of the oldest structures in the area. 

Denboin Shopping Street & Temple Gardens -
Denboin Temple is the main priest of Senso-ji Temple's private residence. Usually closed to the public, it opens once every year to showcase its famous garden (open mid-march to early May). For those who can't make it during the open season, however, can also explore the nearby street that bares the temple's name. Denboin Shopping Street is far quieter than Nakamise, and sells more handcrafted items, such as kanzashi hair pins and boxwood combs. It is also home to several art galleries. 

Marugoto Nippon Shopping Center - Marugoto Nippon Shopping Center brings all the many regions of Japan to Tokyo. Here you can buy souvenirs from Hiroshima, eat specialty foods from Okinawa, and see cultural performances of dancers from Hokkaido. The shopping center has several floors dedicate to specialty foods and products, as well as a number of regional restaurants. 

Asakusa Culture & Tourism Center - More than just a tourism center, Asakusa Culture & Tourism Center with its quirky higgledy-piggledy floors was designed by famed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. It has an observation deck that gives great views of the city, cultural experience room, performance rooms, and a regularly-changing exhibition space. 

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Asakusa (Tokyo)


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• High-quality traditional kimono rental

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