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Discover the spirit of Samurai & Craft making ~Inuyama Castle, Mechanical doll Museum & Toyota Commemorative Museum


This tour explores National Treasure Inuyama castle which was built by one of three biggest warlords in Japan, Karakuri tenjikan or Mechanical dolls Museum and Toyota Commemorative Museum which show how the tradition and the passion for craft making lead to the astonishing development of manufacturing products in this area. These three facilities and our guide give you a clear understanding about the Japanese samurai history and the spirit of craftsmanship.


Meitetsu Nagoya Station → Inuyama Yuen Station → Inuyama Castle→Karakuri Museum → Inuyama Station→Sako station →Toyota Commemorative Museum → Nagoya Station

◆Inuyama Castle
Built some 500 years ago, Inuyama castle is the oldest wooden tower and one of five national treasure castles in Japan. The castle was a very important base in wartime so that its owner was changed many times by every war. The castle's wooden tower displays suits of samurai armor, swords, and various documents from its long historical past. Inuyama Castle was privately owned by the Naruse family until 2004 when ownership was transferred to a civic foundation in Inuyama

◆Karakuri Tenijikan
The world’s first ”robot” was a clockwork wooden mechanical doll propelled by a series of gears and pulleys powered by a wound up spring of whale whisker. This museum displays many mechanical dolls such as a tea serving doll and ones used for the Inuyama festival with 370 years history. The 9th Master,Tamaya Shobei demonstrates doll making every Friday and Saturday. You can find the origin of the spirit for manufacturing products.

◆Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
The museum is built at the original site of the company which is now a world leading automobile giant to convey“the importance of manufacturing” and the "spirit of creation and research”to future generations. You can learn about how Toyota has grown by developing creative and innovative technologies through real machines and moving exhibits operated by the staff and can find “the spirit of manufacturing” which has been passed own for centuries in this area.


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5.5 Hours

Inuyama Castle

Karakuri Museum

Toyota Commemorative Museum


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