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Visiting Ama (Female Divers) Hut on the Seaside Village


Ise-Shima area has been playing a specified role to offer seafood to Ise-Jingu shrine since ancient days, and so there are traditional and unique Ama cultures. Especially Oosatu, a seaside village located in Toba-city is characterized by its distinctive life based on fishery and deep worship for the sea deities. In this tour, visitors can talk with real professional Ama divers in their hut in the seaside, as well as enjoy fresh seafood and their folklore dance.   


Kintetsu Nagoya Station→Toba Station→Adakoguchi bus stop→Ama hut “Hachiman”→Ama Musuem→Shinmei shrine (Ishigami-san)→Ishigami-san bus stop→Kintetsu Toba Station→Kintestu Nagoya Station

◆ Ama hut “Hachiman”
"Hachiman" is a rare and true ama divers hut, facing their fishery site! Ama, professional female divers actually use this hut for taking a meal, changing their clothes, warming themselves after diving. Visitors can meet real ama divers and feel atmospheres of their real lives. Ama divers in Osatsu are so powerful, cheerful and filled with a great hospitality, that they can make visitors happy and pleasant. They are like a Deity of Sea. Such ama divers will broil fresh seafood with charcoal fire, and provide interesting talks and folklore dance.

◆“Visit Japan” special menu ― for about 1 hour 30 min
Spiny lobster, and abalone are available as an additional order. If you require any extra food menu, please tell it when you make an order of this tour. The pricing is changeable depending on sea condition and weather.

◆Ama Museum
This museum displays and shows historical exhibitions and actual diving utensils used by ama divers, so that visitors can feel and know history and cultures of ama divers. The black pine tree close to this museum is known as a “Shoryu-no-matsu” which literally means “Pine tree of a dragon rising into the sky. It is believed that touching this pine tree and praying for something, it will come true.

 ◆ Ishigami-san (in the precinct of Shinmei shrine)
Ishigami-san is one of the subsidiary shrines located in the precinct of Shinmei shrine. Its official name is "Ishi jinja," but called "Ishigami-san" by the nickname, and has been worshipped by ama divers and local people.The worshipped goddess is Tamanori-hime-no-mikoto, who is a mother of the fisrt emperor Jinmu. This small shrine is getting more and more popular and visited by many female people, because it is said this shrine makes one prayer made by a woman comes true.A happy charm against evil, called "Doman Seman" is also loved by many people.


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Kintetsu Toba Station

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