Discover Japan's Nature, Beauty, & Culture Tour <12 days> (Customized Tour)


Once you step into this historical yet very advanced country, our local tour guides will privately escort you to most attractive sightseeing spots all over Japan.
This tour features fully enjoy visiting attractive spots from Tokyo, one of the world’s largest and modern cities to historical shrines and temples, and Mt. Fuji, Japan’s most famous and holy mountain. In addition, you will experience kimono dressing, tea ceremony, and sushi making. You may get fully involved in true Japanese culture!
Our professional local guides will heartily support you during the tour. You may also be able to delight your palates at the Welcome Dinner.
Feel Japan's Nature, Beauty, and Culture Tour proudly offers you a perfect stay in Japan!


*Please note that this tour requires you to purchase 7-day Japan Rail Pass before your arrival in Japan. In case you arrive in Japan without a pass, the actual transportation fee will be charged.



Itinerary Day Schedule

Hotel Stay Only
Arrive in Japan by yourself.
Hotel: Shinjuku

[Optional tour]
Narita Airport Pick-up Service (5,200 JPY / person)


Hotel -> Introduction of the tour and Japanese Culture Lecture at TJT Studio -> Walking tour at Chidorigafuchi Park or another Japanese traditional garden -> Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory -> Shinjuku -> Welcome Dinner -> Hotel

Welcome to Tokyo! You meet your guide at your hotel to go to the first venue – TJT STUDIO, where you join a Welcome Reception and Japanese Culture Lecture. Then enjoy walking tours in Chodorigafuchi Park or another Japanese traditional garden to appreciate Japan’s nature, and in Shinjuku to step into one of the most bustling towns in Japan. Your guide hosts a Welcome Dinner at izakaya, Japanese style casual restaurant in Shinjuku.
Meal(s): Breakfast, lunch box, Welcome Dinner
Hotel: Shinjuku



<Route A> from May 1 to October 31, 2015
Hotel -> Highway bus at Shinjuku Station -> Mt. Fuji Fifth Station and Ochudo trekking -> Tozan bus -> Kawaguchiko Station -> Kubota Itchiku Art Museum -> Highway bus at Kawaguchiko Station -> Shinjuku Station -> Hotel

Discover one of the most attractive spots in Japan! Hop on a highway bus in Shinjuku and head for Mt. Fuji Fifth Station directly, and enjoy a breathtaking view from the highest mountain in Japan. After strolling Ochudo trail, take a bus to Lake Kawaguchi downtown. Retro Bus will be the main transportation there. If the weather allows, the lakeside will be a fantastic place where a stunning view of Mt. Fuji is waiting for you. At the next spot Kubota Itchiku Art Museum (※1), you will be amazed by a beautiful kimono display. Return to Tokyo by highway bus. Our experienced guide will assist you all the time during the program.

<Route B> from November 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016

Hotel -> Highway bus at Shinjuku Station -> Kawaguchiko Station -> Fugaku Wind Cave -> Tenjosan Park Kachikachi-yama Ropeway -> Kubota Itchiku Art Museum and Lake Kawaguchi scenic walk -> Highway bus at Kawaguchiko Station -> Shinjuku Station -> Hotel

*When Kubota Itchiku Art Museum is closed, Kawaguchiko Forest Museum will be the facility to visit.
Meal(s): Breakfast
Hotel: Shinjuku


Hotel -> Kimono Dressing and Tea Ceremony Lesson at TJT Studio -> Imperial Palace Nijubashi Bridge -> Ginza -> Ueno Park and Tokyo National Museum -> Ueno Station

Let’s experience Kimono Dressing and Tea Ceremony. Ladies wear a brilliant colored long-sleeved kimono, while gentlemen wear a kimono and hakama, loose-legged pleated trousers. In our Japanese style room, a tea master will welcome you and invite you to the world of Japanese art. Spend time afterwards exploring at Imperial Palace Nijubashi Bridge, walking around in Ginza, Ueno Park, and visiting Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo's one of the most classical museums.
Meal(s): Breakfast
Hotel: Shinjuku


Hotel -> Tsukiji Fish Market -> Sushi Making and Sushi Party at TJT Studio -> Asakusa -> Rickshaw Tour in Asakusa

Visit Tsukiji, the world's busiest fish market. Thousands of wholesalers and retailers are in business in the inner market as well as in the outer market, and this place is always active and alive from early morning. For your lunch, an experienced instructor teaches you how to make sushi - nigiri with fresh fish, gunkan roll with salmon roe, and makizushi long roll with cucumber. In Asakusa which has the oldest temple in Tokyo, your guide takes you on a historical walking tour. The walking tour is followed by a guided tour on a rickshaw, a retro-style two-wheeled vehicle with a high-perch seat. While a bilingual driver shows you around, you enjoy a comfortable ride and the driver's energetic and lively explanation about this old town.
Meal(s): Breakfast, Sushi lunch
Hotel: Shinjuku


Hotel -> Shinkansen bullet train at Tokyo Station -> Takayama Jinya local agency, Sammachi, and Japanese sake breweries -> Takayama -> Ryokan, traditional Japanese style inn

Leave Tokyo by a Shinkansen bullet train for the next destination in Central Honshu. Another historical tour starts in Takayama. In this town, Jinya, traditional government office retains its original form, and you may feel as if the time went back to 200 years ago when the shogun general governed Japan. Step further into the town to witness a renowned history of Japanese sake, and hopefully meet your favorite sake!
Meal(s): Breakfast, Dinner in ryokan
Hotel: Ryokan, traditional Japanese style inn in Takayama


Traditional Japanese inn -> Highway bus at Takayama -> Shirakawago (Observatory Deck and Wada House) -> Express bus -> Kanazawa -> Kanazawa Castle -> 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

Travel to the heart of the mountains, and visit one of the World Heritage sites, Shirakawa-Go. Houses in this village were built in the architectural style known as Gassho-zukuri which withstands and sheds the weight of heavy snowfalls in winter. Beautiful landscapes of the village and the mountains may make you imagine an enchanted land. Kanazawa, the next destination in Central Honshu, was one of the most powerful feudal cities, which made it so prosperous, so that Japanese arts, such as lacquerware and Noh theaters, became flourished. Your guide takes you to Kanazawa Castle and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.
Meal(s): Breakfast
Hotel: Kanazawa


Hotel -> Ninjadera (Myoryuji Temple) -> Kenrokuen Park, Seisonkaku Villa -> Omi-cho Market -> Higashi-chaya District walk and Green tea break

Enjoy another historical tour in Kanazawa. Myoryuji Temple is not just a temple but a place you can experience traps like flap stairs, as it was designed as a fortress. The next spot, Kenrokuen Park is one of the Japan's three most beautiful gardens. You will appreciate its wonderful scenery in each season. Stroll about Higashi Chaya District and Omi-cho Market where you can try out things at from fresh seafood shops selling fresh fish caught in the Sea of Japan to Kaga vegitable stores or clothing stores.
Meal(s): Breakfast
Hotel: Kanazawa


Hotel -> Kanazawa -> Rapid train -> Kyoto -> Sanjusangendo Temple, Kiyomizudera Temple and Yasaka Shrine -> Gion Walk -> Hotel

This morning travel to Kyoto, a well-known historical city. Your local guide will meet you in Kyoto to take you to Sanjusangendo Temple, Kiyomizudera Temple, and Yasaka Shrine. Walking tour from Yasaka Shrine ends in Gion, and take a break at a Japanese style tea cafe.
Meal(s): Breakfast
Hotel: Kyoto


Hotel -> Kinkakuji Temple -> Daitokuji Temple (Enjoy green tea at Daisen-in) or Ryoanji Temple -> Nijo Castle -> Fushimi Inari Shrine -> Kyoto -> Rapid train -> Shin Osaka -> Hotel

The second day-tour in Kyoto starts at Kinkakuji Temple. Gorgeous appearance as well as the harmony with the surrounding nature are really worth admiring. Enjoy matcha, powdered geen tea at Daitokuji Temple or visit Ryoanji Temple to appreciate refined dry garden. Afterward, advance to Nijo Castle. This castle was the right place where the last shogun of the Edo Period restored the emperor to his ancient seat of power after the shogun family dominated the whole country for 300 years. Next spot is Fushimi Inari Shrine which is the most important among thousands of shrines dedicated to Inari, the Shinto god of rice and sake. The main attraction is definitely endless arcades of vermilion torii (shrine gates). After the tour, head for Osaka by rapid train to stay overnight.
Meal(s): Breakfast
Hotel: Shin-Osaka


Hotel -> Shin Osaka -> Hiroshima (Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, and Miyajima Walk) -> Shin Osaka -> Hotel
Your local guide will meet you in Hiroshima, a city filled with natural and historical wonders. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Atomic Bomb Dome are the precious places to learn that Japan made a great recover from the war, and that the fact should never be forgotten. Your cruise to Miyajima brings you a spectacular scene of Itsukushima Shrine and its 16-meter-high bright red gate standing in the middle of the sea.
Meal(s): Breakfast
Hotel: Shin-Osaka


Hotel Stay Only

Time to say "sayonara (good-bye)" at the end of your discovering tour in Japan.
Many other optional tours and transfer service to the airport are available.
Meal(s): Breakfast, Farewell Dinner
Hotel: Shin-Osaka

[Optional tour]
Universal Studios Japan, the Theme Park of Hollywood Movies in Osaka (30,000 JPY / person)


*Professional local guide in Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Takayama, Shirakawago, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima
*11 nights and breakfasts at hotels
*2 lunches
*2 dinners (including Welcome Dinner and dinner at traditional Japanese inn)
*Publich transportation
*Admission fees for 15 facilities

Not Included

*7-day Japan Rail Pass (Please note that 7-day Japan Rail Pass must be purchased before your arrival to Japan.)

Optional attractions and services

Day 1
Narita Airport Pick-up Service

※This service is available for customers who booked our program as an option. We are afraid that a pick-up service only cannot be accepted.
We will pick you up at Narita Airport and send you to your hotel by shuttle bus.

(0 JPY / group , 5,200 JPY / person)
Day 5
Tokyo Disneyland<Long Tour Option>

Your guide meets you at the hotel and take you to Tokyo Disneyland.
Tokyo Disneyland is, needless to say, one of the most famous and popular amusement parks in Japan where both young and old enjoy. It is the first Disneyland outside the U.S., and features seasonal fantastic decorations. On top of that, you are sure to enjoy a night parade and fireworks in the park.

(no additional fee)

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(2) 8-20 days before the departure day: 20% of the total fee
(3) 2-7 days before the departure day: 30% of the total fee
(4) one day before the departure day: 40% of the total fee
(5) on the departure day: 50% of the total fee
(6) after the departure day or cancellation without notice: 100% of the total fee


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Please note that this tour requires you to purchase 7-day Japan Rail Pass before your arrival in Japan. In case you arrive in Japan without a pass, the actual transportation fee will be charged.
◆Please be advised that itinerary specifics are subject to change.
*Depending on weather conditions, the schedule of Mt. Fuji Visiting on Day 3 and Tokyo Sightseeing on Day 4 or 5 may be switched.
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8:30 start

The Time Required

12 days

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Mt. Fuji

Lake Kawaguchi








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Minimum Number of Participants

2 persons

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Age 6 - 11
115,500 JPY

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