Feel the ancient roots of the Far East in your hands. Calligraphy is even more than artistic writing, there`s a story and a meaning behind each ancestral character which communicates with millenarian cultures and our eldest way of thinking.


 Chinese Characters have had hundreds of years of deep evolution inside the Japanese language, this language and culture cannot be understood without them.


 Meditation and Zen are also related to the practice, the ritual for the ink and the search for balance and harmony in the strokes as inside oneself, to clear one's mind and let the letters flow out by themselves… and finally being able to reflect your name in a unique calligraphy art piece, a perfect souvenir of a visit to Japan.






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  • Daniel

    Instructors were so knowledgeable and offered kind encouragement. We were very appreciated of the consideration given to us because we were a little late. Instructors were wonderful! We appreciated the history, too! I loved the glimpse into philosophy.
  • ******

    Our guide was Mr Tsuyoshi Yanagi he was excellent, he explained the history and was very knowledgeable about the art of calligraphy. He was amaing to learn from, he definitely felt the meaning of every stroke of the brush. We were the only two people in this class which was excellent as we could ask questions. The staff at True Japan are amazing too they organised this for us in a very short time and did everything they could to help. I did a lot of research on the different experiences and I found this course to be the most authentic as it was a ordinary teacher who understood the art and had been writing it for many years. It was not a "set up" course, just a very real and honest course. We now proudly have our names and our favourite two words hanging in our wall as a reminder... Thank you to the teacher and the staff that rushed to organise it.



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